Protect your biggest asset from your biggest threat – your employees!

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Below are two very important facts that all businesses need to consider when looking at their cyber security strategies:

  • Statistics show that employees are responsible for most data breach incidents – either though error, carelessness, or even malicious intent. 1
  • According to a recent report “67 percent of organizations surveyed couldn’t be sure that they could detect whether an employee who left was still accessing corporate resources.”

When combining these two statistics it is clear to see that most organizations must begin by looking internally, to prevent their next data breach.

But what can be done to reduce this potential peril? Don’t panic, you can reduce the likelihood of this threat. Below are some strategies to help protect your data from being accidentally or maliciously exposed.

1. Install multi-factor authentication. This will mean that access can be instantly and easily denied once employees leave an organization. It will also prevent hackers from accessing your data.
2. Ensure your HR department is playing an active role in educating staff about cyber safety. Keeping in mind that the most common way for cyber criminals to gain access to your system is via phishing emails, therefore regular training and reminders play a crucial role in protecting your data. Training should be mandatory and frequent.
3. HR must conduct thorough background checks on all potential employees to prevent accidental hiring of criminals.
4. Where basic passwords are required for access, periodical changes should be mandatory. Security training must include education about what constitutes a weak password, and cover the use of password sharing apps.

Finally, if you think these preventative methods above sound like too much hard work, then maybe consider this final statistic: The average cost of a cyber breach due to damage or theft of IT assets and infrastructure now exceeds $1 million. 3


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