Oscar Marquez at the Helm of Mi-Token

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Today, Mi-Token takes on a new CEO and here the journey begins. Mi-Token has always been a very reliable, cost effective product, an on-prem/Hybrid MFA/CASB product. Sometimes believed to be just a VPN auth solution, but in reality it supports remote desktop, OWA and ADFS (SSO). It also provides a custom soft token and auto registers a yubikey 4 – great for larger installs.

Oscar Marquez has been a major contributor within the international IT Security industry for over 20 years and we’re proud to bring him on as our new CEO of Mi-Token. Off the back of the sale iSheriff to Mimecast, Oscar initially approached Mi-Token to provide product innovation guidance and consultation to the Mi-Token executive team.

“The major players in the Authentication space have been around for years” said Marquez. “While they’re playing with large percentages of the market, none of them deliver the major authentication services (Active Directory, Web services verification and Web server integration) with their standard product offerings. Each use additional add-on that require the customers to pay more. Except for Mi-Token who offers it all in the standard product offering. Mi-Token is one of the few companies that cover the majority of services.

“This is a great time for Mi-Token to shine. I’ve never started a company with such a reliable product. The only issue is no one knows we exist, and I’m here to change that”.

“I intend to take this company on a journey and hopefully we take all our Global 1000 customers with us. Our existing customer base has been supportive and provided great feedback via our support centre. I look forward to doing some innovative things in the next 24 months”.

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