Mi-Token’s FREE25 offer allows Organisations, large or small, to implement a multi-factor authentication solution

Obtain your FREE25 License from Mi-Token today

Mi-Token FREE25 is a fully functioning multi-factor authentication system.  All the products available in the Paid version are available, including:

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Radius support
  • Soft and Hard Token’s
  • API / ADFS / SAML / SSO / OWA Support
  • Credential Provider (CP) for Windows
  • Self-Provisioning Portal
  • Backup replica(s) / DR capability

You can upgrade to the Paid version at any time.

There are 3 paid components:

  • $50 annual renewal fee
  • Optional custom logo for your Soft Tokens costs $250 (the standard Mi-Token logo comes free)
  • Support is provided on a Pre-paid basis (details in FAQ’s below)

While Mi-Token’s T&C’s include all you need to know, it is easier to tell you what you don’t get when compared to the Paid version:

  • Installation support is limited to 1 hour (phone / webex only)
  • Support for 2 tokens per User
  • Supports Yubikey & Mi-Token Crystal Hard Tokens (purchased separately)
  • Pre-paid support model
  • Refer to T&C’s for more information

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please complete the following request form. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Request your FREE25  license today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we obtain Support on the FREE25 version?

  • Prepayment of $200 for support is required (non-refundable but does not expire while license is active)
  • Email support $25 per 15 minute (minimum)
  • Phone support $50 per 15 minute (minimum)
  • FREE25 customers need to be on a minimum of the latest release less one to use Support
  • Support for FREE25 customers is provided from the Asia Pacific Support Centre
  • Support for version upgrades is quoted on request

Can we upgrade to the Paid version?

Yes.  You can upgrade to the Paid version at any time

How much do Hard Token's cost?

Please send an email to sales@mi-token.com who will provide you with the latest pricing

How do we contact Mi-Token Support?

Please send an email to support@mi-token.com

Do we need to pay for a Soft Token?

No.  All Users are given Soft Tokens as part of their license

Can we get some assistance to install Mi-Token?

Yes.  1 hour of upgrade support is included with FREE25.  After this, assistance is provided on a Pre-paid basis.

Does my Pre-payment for Support expire?

No.  The unused balance remains available while you hold an active licenses.  But it is non-refundable.

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