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Security Features

Authentication systems face an increasingly sophisticated range of attacks, from man-in-the-middle, to phishing exploits, trojans and DNS cache poisoning.


As a result, multi-factor authentication systems need to be smarter and more secure than ever before.


Designed for secure banking environments, Mi-Token uses a variety of innovations and techniques to deliver a robust protection regime that defends your organisation against threats posed by unauthorised access to your systems.


These features include proof of identity via highly secure 64 character strings, transaction level authentication, as well as optional integration with Hardware Security Module (HSMs) to protect keys, access lists and other sensitive data within a tamperproof environment.


Mi-Token: an advanced multi-factor authentication solution that offers unparalleled security, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and ease of use.

Mi-Token Soft Token on Phone

Optional integration with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified hardware security modules

Cryptographic key pair creation and support for secure certificates

Support for digital signatures and transaction signing

Data encryption functions

IBM and VISA PIN block translation

Using HSMs, Mi-Token also creates simple to manage authentication channels between your partner organisations and suppliers, allowing for controlled third-party secure access to your systems.


Durable and guaranteed to remain so

Mi-Token provides a reliable and durable SSO solution for your Windows environment which is guaranteed to remain compatible with products like Exchange, SharePoint, O365 and Remote Desktop over time despite of the ongoing upgrades. The guarantee is based on tight ADFS integration via Mi-Token ADFS Plugin. When another major upgrade like Exchange Cumulative Update is released, you know in advance it has been tested with ADFS and won’t break the compatibility with the SSO solution.

OATH Membership

OATH is an industry-wide collaboration to develop an open reference architecture by leveraging existing open standards for the universal adoption of strong authentication.

OATH is comprised of industry leaders working with other standards groups toward the propagation of ubiquitous strong authentication, enabling eBusiness and giving customers the confidence to conduct secure commerce and communication online.”

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Cost Reduction

In a unique approach for authentication solutions, Mi-Token uses an innovative ‘per-user’ licensing model.


This model sets a highly competitive, fixed annual cost per secure user that includes support and software costs.


In combination with inherent cost savings, ‘per user’ licensing allows Mi-Token to deliver multi-factor authentication that saves up to 60 per cent on competing solutions.


Part of each user license includes unlimited soft tokens for phones, tablets and pc’s.


Mi-Token has been designed from the ground up to reduce the cost of multi-factor authentication.


From operational expenses to capital costs, Mi-Token delivers a raft savings – slashing authentication budgets by up to 60 per cent.

Mi-Token Soft Token on Phone

How Does Mi-Token Reduce Costs?

Reducing help desk calls by providing ‘backup’ authentication through soft tokens (mobile applications and SMS) when hard tokens are lost or misplaced.

Exploiting self-registering tokens such as YubiKey to dramatically reduce rollout costs through scalable deployments – whether it’s ten or ten thousand users.

Permitting phased implementations through token independence.

Using an innovative peruser licensing model that includes support and software costs.

Eliminating the need for a stand-alone authentication server.

Natively integrating with Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP for easy, low-cost administration.

Providing a fully-fledged API of security and cryptographic functions at no additional cost.

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