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What makes Mi-Token Different?

Mi-Token is tightly integrated with Windows Server 2008 – 2016 platforms and leverages unrivalled performance, scalability and security.

When it comes to the performance and scalability, Mi-Token is unique and after reading our latest Whitepaper you’ll understand that different definitely means better.

Use of Soft Tokens is complementary with every Mi-Token license. There is also the option of using various Hard Tokens, including LCD (OATH based) tokens, Yubikeys, Smart Cards and SMS tokens.

The Hard Tokens are purchased separately and their lifespan is determined by their battery life. We do not artificially terminate your tokens.

Once you have purchased your Mi-Token license, our advertised additional features are available for use or testing at no additional cost, including. ADFS, OWA, 2 Phase Authentication, etc). You may also want to roll-out your MFA service across multiple servers for redundancy. Once again your there will be no increase in your licensing costs.

Mi-Token has the solution for you.

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