Mi-Token Editions

Are you looking for a simple way to integrate multi-factor authentication for your latest project?


Enterprise Edition

The tight integration of Mi-Token with Windows for authentication provides increased security and service robustness by leveraging the O/S hardening and replication features of the underlying platform.

Today, organizations need to address the issues of Remote Access security via their current firewall or VPN gateway for remote staff and contractors. Even when their employees are located locally, Mi-Token supports MFA for Windows desktop login.

Whether it is for SSL VPN security, Outlook Web Access, Windows Logon or a custom application, Mi-Token is your solution.


Mi-Token  Enterprise  Edition  Features

API and Cloud – Enhanced Services

When it comes to securing custom developed online or cloud based services, Mi-Token is a simple and cost effective way to stop attackers at your gate. Mi-Token offers a complete authentication and security framework that is easily integrated into custom developed software platforms, portals and cloud based applications.

ADFS/SSO – Enhanced Services

The integration between Mi-Token and ADFS (Active Directory Federated Services) is achieved via an ADFS API plug-in. Once installed, Mi-token makes itself available for all configured applications. The administrator has the flexibility to specify whether MFA is required for each application or not. Mi-Token offers SSO functionality, extending the authenticated ‘Trust’ across your custom software platforms, web-portals and cloud based services, such as; Office 365, OWA, SAML enabled applications, and other federated services.

Banking Edition

In an increasingly dangerous network environment, today’s banks and their customers need authentication solutions that are extremely secure, painless to control and well suited to the task at hand.

Mi-Token was originally created for the Banking environment, with a focus on ease of operation and Help-Desk cost reduction.

Our Banking solution delivers a multi-factor authentication that provides low overheads, compliance security and complete token authentication choice.

Key Mi-Token Features

Token Independence

We are totally Token independent which means Mi-Token can integrate with a broad range of hard-tokens.

Soft Tokens

Mi-Token provides soft-tokens for every user free, including iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, SMS and more.

Highly Scalable

No matter what your size. SSL VPNs, Web Email, Custom Apps – whatever your need, we’ve got it covered!

Easy Management

Mi-Token offers simple token management, integrated with Windows Active Directory.

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