To provide organizations and end-users with flexibility and authentication that’s always at-hand, Mi-Token delivers authentication choice by being the leading market token independent solution. Mi-Token works with hard-tokens from a variety of vendors (including our direct competitors), plus we offer soft-tokens as standard for every user at no additional cost. Check below to see what tokens Mi-Token can integrate with.

YubiKey Tokens

Created by Yubico, YubiKey is a USB hard token that provides instantaneous ‘one-touch’ network authentication and requires no client software.

Self Registration

YubiKeys are self registering, for rapid deployment and are compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux and other operating systems

Ease of Use

One-touch authentication via PINs or passwords with 64 character auto-entered strings.


No battery or synchronization requirements. YubiKeys are strong and durable, lasting far linger than competitive hard token solutions.

Custom Branding

YubiKeys come in a range of colors, completely suitable for your branding needs.

Rapid Deployment

With no need for a battery it’s suitable for regular post, making deployment fast and easy.

Mobile Soft Tokens

Mi-Token allows for ‘mobile soft tokens’ via mobile applications – useful if hard tokens are lost or left behind. Soft tokens are 6 digit one-time passwords delivered through: Java (BlackBerry, Nokia, HTC, etc), Windows Mobile (Nokia, HTC, etc), iPhone OS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), Android (HTC, Samsung, Motorola, etc) To authenticate, users request a one-time password via their mobile device.

Mi-Token, along with providing authentication via hard tokens, also supports authentication via mobile soft tokens. This authentication method makes Mi-Token two-factor authentication super flexible, affordable and readily available. Mobile soft tokens can be used as a backup solution for users that have either misplaced or forgotten their hard tokens or as a complete replacement for hard tokens.


Mi-Token Soft Tokens are compatible with a large number of smart-phone manufacturers and software vendors. Including, but not limited to: Java (BlackBerry, Nokia, HTC, etc), Windows Mobile (Nokia, HTC, etc), iPhone OS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), Android (HTC, Motorola, Samsung, etc).

Custom Branding

YubiKeys come in a range of colors, completely suitable for your branding needs.

Rapid Deployment

Mobile Soft Tokens can be deployed remotely, making token deployment fast and hassle free. Included is also a self-provisioning intranet website where Users can provision their own mobile Soft Token.

Mi-Token Branded LCD Tokens

Mi-Token multi-factor authentication is a Token independent management solution. This means we can integrate with a wide range of tokens. The Mi-Token branded token is a specialized OATH compliant 6 or 8 digit LCD based hard token. It is durable and small, perfect for companies seeking the security of a hard token without the hefty price tag.

Secure and Compliant

Mi-Token branded tokens are compliant with OATH open algorithm, 6 or 8 digit variants available.


At only a fraction of the cost of other hard token solutions, Mi-Token branded tokens provide superior reliability and affordability.


Small and lightweight, Mi-Token branded tokens are designed to fit perfectly on the keychain.

Easy to Use

Mi-Token branded tokens have a small button on the back that when pressed displays an OTP on the front of Display.


Encased in uni-body hard plastic, Mi-Token branded tokens will simply work for many years to come.

Traditional LCD Tokens

Mi-Token also supports a range of OATH compliant time and counter based LCD hard tokens. These tokens are small battery operated devices that generate a 6 digit one time password. Feitian Key Features –  Strong multi-factor authentication (when combined with a PIN) –  Unique password generated each time, which cannot be used again –  Unique token serial number, which cannot be reproduced –  No software installation on client side –  Only a minor change is required to the current user login method –  Easy to be managed in both a centralized and distributed way –  Compliant with the OATH open algorithm –  Support a wide range of authentication and access gateway solutions

Mi-Token OTP Crystal Token for MFA

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