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Company History

Mi-Token was originally developed in 2005 by cryptographic and bank security specialists, designed specifically for two-factor authentication within the banking industry. The product was originally designed to provide a simplified user experience, while leveraging banking grade security.

Since 2009, Mi-Token has established itself as a leading independent enterprise security solution and currently has customers across the globe, including leading banks, governments and corporate enterprises. The solution has evolved from a banking and VPN centric product to a comprehensive SSO solution, which is SAML compliant and ADFS friendly.

Based in the US and Australia, Mi-Token is focused on creating innovative solutions that deliver world’s-best multi-factor authentication security.

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Key Mi-Token Features

Token Independence

We are totally Token independent which means Mi-Token can integrate with a broad range of hard-tokens.

Soft Tokens

Mi-Token provides soft-tokens for every user free, including iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, SMS and more.

Highly Scalable

No matter what your size. SSL VPNs, Web Email, Custom Apps – whatever your need, we’ve got it covered!

Easy Management

Mi-Token offers simple token management, integrated with Windows Active Directory.

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Why Choose


In an increasingly connected world, organizations need authentication to validate a person’s identity and secure our value resources.

You’re password just doesn’t ‘cut it’ any more.

With unparalleled features and flexibility, Mi-Token delivers multi-factor authentication that’s secure, flexible and cost-effective.

Mi-Token’s Advantages Include:

Robust & Reliable Authentication Security

Using world’s best security, designed for the banking sector, Mi-Token delivers ‘proof of identity’ you can trust. Also, the close integration with MS Windows provides additional security features without additional overheads.

Lower Support, Capital & Operational Costs

Save up to 50 per cent on your authentication budget through Mi-Token’s innovative cost savings and per-User licensing – Mi-Token does not charge for the number of Token you have or the Features you activate, just the number of Users. Your license includes all the additional features, functionality and ongoing support of the Mi-Token product – eg. Soft Token, Windows login, Credential Provider, ADFS integration, OWA Support, API Integration, Single Sign-On (SSO), SAML. There are no additional licensing fees. Licensing does not depend on the number of servers used, the token count or the volume of authentication requests. Hard tokens are provided at an additional cost.

Flexible Authentication Methods via Hard & Soft Tokens

With choice and flexibility of authentication method, Mi-Token end-users are never without an authentication option. You can opt for free Soft Tokens or purchase additional hard tokens. The choice is yours.

Complete Token Independence

Avoid vendor and token technology lock-in by using the hard token system you want.Hard tokens can be integrated into Mi-Token. Yubikeys can leverage auto-registration (into AD), while our soft token self-assignment will ease the administrative burden of large deployments. Any OATH compliant hard token can be integrated with Mi-Token.

Easy Management, Integration & Deployment

Mi-Token natively integrates with Microsoft Active Directory and requires no standalone equipment in the server room.

Mi-Token provides a convenient and intuitive administrative and end-user experience. Mi-Token administrators find it easy to use the administrative tools embedded (as extensions) into already familiar Microsoft management utilities.

The administrative burden can be further alleviated by optional self-provisioning of soft-tokens and auto-assignment of hard-tokens.

More than just two-factor authentication, Mi-Token delivers a comprehensive array of security and encryption functions to secure your systems.

Optional Integration with Hardware Security Modules (HSMs)

Mi-Token Security Features

  • Optional integration with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified hardware security modules
  • Inherent data replication
  • Local database and replication for added speed and security
  • Support for digital signatures and transaction signing
  • Cryptographic key pair creation and support for secure certificates

Mi-Token makes authentication decisions via the Windows AS ensuring that when you decide to implement Mi-Token MFA, security is indeed increased rather than is influenced by having an AS which might not have been sufficiently hardened or patched.

When Mi-Token installer runs, it creates a local instance of a distributed database which immediately starts replicating in a bidirectional manner with other database instances used by Mi-Token components installed on other servers. As a result neither the Mi-Token software nor the database represents a single point of failure.

A Fully Featured API for Integration with Custom Applications

Mi-Token can secure your custom software, e-commerce and e-banking solutions through a fully featured API providing authentication solutions in various customize scenarios. For instance the client can be embedded into a webpage. Mi-Token ADFS Plugin (implemented as API client) is another example which provides integration between Mi-Token and Exchange, Remote Desktop and Sharepoint and custom web-based portals).

The API Service can be installed on multitude of servers for HA/FT in less than a minute, and becomes operational immediately after the completion of the installation process, without any post installation tweaks. The API service communicates with the API clients which can be embedded into a webpage and provide custom authentication solutions for web based service/applications.

Single Sign-On and SAML support are also available.

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