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Reducing Costs

In a unique approach for authentication solutions, Mi-Token uses an innovative ‘per-user’ licensing model.

This model sets a highly competitive, fixed annual cost per secure user that includes support and software costs.

In combination with inherent cost savings, ‘per user’ licensing allows Mi-Token to deliver two-factor authentication that saves up to 60 per cent on competing solutions.

Part of each user license includes unlimited soft tokens for phones, tablets and pc’s.

Mi-Token has been designed from the ground up to reduce the cost of two-factor authentication.

From operational expenses to capital costs, Mi-Token delivers a raft savings – slashing authentication budgets by up to 60 per cent.

How Does Mi-Token Reduce Costs?
  • reducing helpdesk calls by providing ‘backup’ authentication through soft tokens (mobile applications and SMS) when hard tokens are lost or misplaced.
  • exploiting self-registering tokens such as YubiKey to dramatically reduce rollout costs through scalable deployments – whether it’s ten or ten thousand users.
  • permitting phased implementations through token independence.
  • using an innovative per-user licensing model that includes support and software costs.
  • eliminating the need for a stand-alone authentication server.
  • natively integrating with Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP for easy, low-cost administration.
  • providing a fully-fledged API of security and cryptographic functions at no additional cost.

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