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Mobile Soft Tokens

Mi-Token, along with providing authentication via hard tokens, also supports authentication via mobile soft tokens. This authentication method makes Mi-Token two-factor authentication super flexible, affordable and readily available.

Mobile soft tokens can be used as a backup solution for users that have either misplaced or forgotten their hard tokens or as a complete replacement for hard tokens.

Benefits of Using Mobile Soft Tokens


Mi-Token soft tokens are compatible with a large number of smart-phone manufacturers and software vendors. Including, but not limited to:

  • Java (BlackBerry, Nokia, HTC, etc)
  • Windows Mobile (Nokia, HTC, etc)
  • iPhone OS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)
  • Android (HTC, Motorola, Samsung, etc)

No need to buy additional hardware as all users will already have a device that is capable of running the soft token application.

Ease of Use

Our soft token application makes use of a simple and intuitive user interface that is extremely simple to use.

Rapid Deployment

Mobile soft tokens can be deployed remotely, making token deployment fast and hassle free. Users visit an intranet website to provision their own mobile soft token.


Mobile soft tokens are extremely secure as they live within devices that are built for security purposes, they include features such as password locking and remote wiping.