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Authentication Options

Two-factor authentication with Mi-Token can be both secure and easy to use. To provide organizations and end-users with flexibility and authentication that’s always at-hand, Mi-Token delivers authentication choice by being the leading market token independent solution.

Mi-Token works with hard-tokens from a variety of vendors (including our direct competitors), plus we offer soft-tokens as standard for every user.

Read below to check out what tokens Mi-Token can integrate with.

YubiKey Tokens

YubiKey is a USB hard token that provides instantaneous ‘one-touch’ network authentication and requires no client software. YubiKeys are self registering, for rapid deployment, and do not contain a battery or the need for synchronization.

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Mobile Soft Tokens
Mi-Token allows for ‘mobile soft tokens’ via mobile applications – useful if hard tokens are lost or left behind. Soft tokens are 6 digit one-time passwords delivered through: 

  • Java (BlackBerry, Nokia, HTC, etc)
  • Windows Mobile (Nokia, HTC, etc)
  • iPhone OS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)
  • Android (HTC, Samsung, Motorola, etc)

To authenticate, users request a one-time password via their mobile device.

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Traditional LCD Tokens

Mi-Token is token independent and as such supports a wide range of six digit “traditional” LCD hard tokens.

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Mi-Token Branded LCD Tokens

The Mi-Token branded token is a specialized OATH compliant 6 or 8 digit LCD based hard token. It is durable and small, perfect for companies seeking the security of a hard token without the hefty price tag.

Discover more about Mi-Token Branded LCD Tokens

SMS Soft Tokens

Mi-Token also permits soft token authentication via SMS. To authenticate, users dial a number and receive a six digit one-time password via SMS or USSD.

As long as they have their phone, users are never without an authentication option.

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