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Buy SAAS, get CAAT

Buy SAAS, get CAAT

“a recently discovered attack shows that Zeus has turned a new page. Instead of going after banking credentials, this new version is focused on software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. According to SaaS security vendor Adallom, the malware was targeting user credentials for in what appears to be a targeted attack that began on a computer in an employee’s home.”

Like Love and Marriage,  Software-As-A-Service goes together with Cloud-As-A-Threat.

All threats are manageable, as long as you know about them. With Mi-Token’s API Edition, you can add Multi-Factor Authentication to your cloud solutions, including SalesForce, Exchange and Sharepoint, or pretty much any in-house custom apps, but your tokens are always secure. We never put the token seed files in the cloud. They are always securely encrypted and under your own control.

One of our customers has 23 custom applications, plus their AD environment, all secured with Mi-Token, and at no extra cost.

For a simple, low annual per-user subscription, Mi-Token customers get free soft tokens and support for multiple hard tokens, as many per user as they wish to support. If they want to add smart cards to combine physical and IT systems access, they can do so at no extra license cost. Want to mix and match Yubikeys, LCD tokens, biometric tokens? No problem.

Visit Mi-Token on the OATH booth, #709, at RSA Expo, San Francisco.

Expo Pass Code: EC4OATH